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In a small, sweltering room, decorated with children's pictures, letters, and moral messages in English and Hindi, Scotland's leading violinist does not need to warm up, but she does anyway, as if she was about to perform before thousands in a concert hall.
International chamber music festival to open
LAST week I had an idle moment (a rarity, I assure you, he said hastily) and decided to browse, in an unhurried way, through some concert listings and brochures to get some idea of what was coming up and what was around the corner.
N ext week the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra performs one of the great behemoths of the orchestral repertoire:
Young fans of chart superstars One Direction are being warned they could be turned away when the group begin the UK leg of their tour next month due to strict age limits.
Panorama investigated the doctors who are paid by drug companies to promote particular medicines, and prompted us to ask who exactly is paying our doctor?
Event: Turbo Valve, poetry and prose readings, the Poetry Club, Glasgow
Stage and screen actress Angela Lansbury spoke of her pride at being recognised by the country of her birth as she was made a Dame by the Queen today.
AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young is too ill to play live and unlikely to record again, according to one of his friends.
Event: Simone Felice, Americana, King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow

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Edna Doré.
Farmer and former SNP MP.
Physician and teacher
Musicologist and critic