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Our verdict: Three-and-a-half stars
Gillian Furmage's verdict: Three-and-a-half stars
When Paul Allen's stage version of Brassed Off appeared in 1998, two years after Mark Herman's film about a small Yorkshire community's efforts to win a brass band competition was first released, the miners' strike that formed the story's backdrop was still a fresh wound on Britain's landscape.
Event: Pirates of the State, play, Kilmardinny House, Bearsden
Sex and drugs and rock and roll may have been a phrase introduced into the world by the late Ian Dury in the post-punk 1970s, but such hedonistic excesses have been around for centuries.
Event: Hazel Gore, art exhibition, Veneer Gallery, Glasgow
There is a definite buzz about Govan this week - the third Buzzcut festival is taking over the Pearce Institute in Govan Road for the next five days and live art activities are not simply confined to the building.
A Midsummer Night's Dream
The Strike - This 1988 film from The Comic Strip focused on a former miner and would-be screenwriter, whose account of the strike is picked up by Hollywood producers.
Cars and Boys

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