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Malcolm Holcombe
In 1493, a youthful King James IV embarked on a curious experiment, decamping two infant children to Inchkeith island on the Firth of Forth in the care of a mute woman.
Skeleton Wumman
The Voice winner Jermain Jackman may have taken home the talent contest crown at the weekend but is currently losing the singles battle with his fellow finalist, according the latest chart data.
Britain's Got Talent boss Simon Cowell has admitted he is "dreading" the moment his baby son wants to audition on one of his shows.
"Musically and lyrically, OutKast are unusual, even given the medium's history of experimentation. They are, in a way, post-hip-hop, combining PM Dawn's kooky confections with the Pharcyde's hallucinatory whimsy, Public Enemy's hardline politicking with De La Soul's cartoon dementia, to fashion something vital and new. In terms of attitude, Dre and Big Boi provide an alternative voice for rap." - Paul Lester, May 2001
La Merda
Mad Dogs star Marc Warren has joined the cast of swashbuckling drama The Musketeers to play a sinister aristocrat.

Additional News from ScotlandAdditional News from Scotland

DAVID Cameron has sought to draw a line under the Maria Miller setback by launching the Conservatives' European parliamentary election campaign, branding Ukip and the Liberal Democrats "extremist".
Syrian president Bashar Assad's regime has used "starvation as a weapon of war", Foreign Secretary William Hague said, as he launched a report documenting human rights violations around the world.
A POSTAGE and stationery allowance funded by the taxpayer has been increased by £350 per MP to cover Royal Mail's price rises.
Spanish government vessels have unlawfully entered British territorial waters around Gibraltar more than 600 times since the start of 2013, official figures show.
The exploitation of vulnerable young parliamentary researchers by predatory MPs is being "brushed under the carpet" by the main political parties, one of the alleged victims of Nigel Evans has claimed.
CRITICS of Britain's economic recovery plan have been proved "comprehensively wrong", George Osborne has said.
MARGO MacDonald, the veteran MSP who died last week, was given a heartfelt minute's applause at the SNP conference.
ALMOST nine out of 10 people believe Maria Miller was right to resign as Culture Secretary, with two-thirds saying David Cameron had handled the issue of her over-claimed expenses badly, according to a Comres poll.
ABANDONING fuel duty rises would boost the UK economy by as much as £7.5 billion or £300 per household in the next 20 years, according to Treasury analysis.
JOHN Major famously said that as soon as a Prime Minister crossed the No 10 threshold he, or she, began to lose touch with reality.