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La Merda
You may think working at an airport is all about glamour and eyeliner, but this documentary knocks that image aside and looks at the workaday folk behind the scenes. There is the motherly woman who does the announcements, the baggage handlers in their luminous vests and the security staff putting the kettle on in the CCTV suite.
Event: Pirates of the State, play, Kilmardinny House, Bearsden
The Strike - This 1988 film from The Comic Strip focused on a former miner and would-be screenwriter, whose account of the strike is picked up by Hollywood producers.
Damien Love reveals the best of TV April 13 - April 19
The Beautiful Cosmos of Ivor Cutler
Heavy rock giants AC/DC have vowed to carry on making music, but confirmed ill guitarist Malcolm Young is "taking a break" from the line-up.

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Edna Doré.
Farmer and former SNP MP.
Physician and teacher
Musicologist and critic