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Bands play for new capital music venue
Malcolm Holcombe
In 1493, a youthful King James IV embarked on a curious experiment, decamping two infant children to Inchkeith island on the Firth of Forth in the care of a mute woman.
Skeleton Wumman
"Musically and lyrically, OutKast are unusual, even given the medium's history of experimentation. They are, in a way, post-hip-hop, combining PM Dawn's kooky confections with the Pharcyde's hallucinatory whimsy, Public Enemy's hardline politicking with De La Soul's cartoon dementia, to fashion something vital and new. In terms of attitude, Dre and Big Boi provide an alternative voice for rap." - Paul Lester, May 2001
La Merda
Damien Love reveals the best of TV April 13 - April 19
The Beautiful Cosmos of Ivor Cutler

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Veteran of the Yangtze Incident
Edna Doré.
Farmer and former SNP MP.
Chancellor George Osborne will declare today that the UK's best days are yet to come, in a direct challenge to those who doubt his economic plans.