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Moody chart hit Vienna by Ultravox has been named the favourite song from the 1980s.
"I think it's 'cos people who live in seaside towns go to the edge and think, "I could do it, I could jump off." You do realise you have to make the most of your time because you could step off at any moment." - Kenny Anderson, 2007.
Blur and Gorillaz star Damon Albarn has described his past heroin use as "part of me growing up".
Horace Andy
Curious incident at Festival stage
FIONA Hunter finds herself in an odd position as the Scots-singing element of a new Scots-Gaelic duo that's coming together to represent both of these rich traditions at Edinburgh's Tradfest celebration of the folk arts.

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Journalist and broadcaster
Teacher and mother of Michael Portillo
Consultant anaesthetist
Physician and teacher
Musicologist and critic
Long-serving officer of Western Isles Council An appreciation
Entrepreneur and member of the Salvesen shipping dynasty