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Kylie Minogue has quit The Voice after one series to concentrate on her own music career
Poirot star David Suchet is reported to be planning to drag himself back on to the London stage to play Lady Bracknell in Oscar Wilde's The Importance Of Being Earnest.
In a small, sweltering room, decorated with children's pictures, letters, and moral messages in English and Hindi, Scotland's leading violinist does not need to warm up, but she does anyway, as if she was about to perform before thousands in a concert hall.
International chamber music festival to open
LAST week I had an idle moment (a rarity, I assure you, he said hastily) and decided to browse, in an unhurried way, through some concert listings and brochures to get some idea of what was coming up and what was around the corner.
Peter Gabriel, Cat Stevens, plus Kiss - thumbing their noses at critics who disdained them - have become the new Rock and Roll Hall of Fame entrants, leading a host of classmates.
THERE aren't many octogenarians who become the talk of the town by hooking up with the hippest show on television, but that is the fate that has befallen US comedian Bob Newhart.
N ext week the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra performs one of the great behemoths of the orchestral repertoire:
When Paolo Nutini began the process of "reintroducing himself to the public" (his phrase) a couple of months ago, the first stop was, appropriately, Glasgow, where he was announced as one of the headliners at Radio 1's Big Weekend in May.
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THE right to recall politicians for poor behaviour between elections should be enshrined in a written constitution for an independent Scotland, according to Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.
DAVID Cameron has sought to draw a line under the Maria Miller setback by launching the Conservatives' European parliamentary election campaign, branding Ukip and the Liberal Democrats "extremist".
Syrian president Bashar Assad's regime has used "starvation as a weapon of war", Foreign Secretary William Hague said, as he launched a report documenting human rights violations around the world.
A POSTAGE and stationery allowance funded by the taxpayer has been increased by £350 per MP to cover Royal Mail's price rises.
Spanish government vessels have unlawfully entered British territorial waters around Gibraltar more than 600 times since the start of 2013, official figures show.
The exploitation of vulnerable young parliamentary researchers by predatory MPs is being "brushed under the carpet" by the main political parties, one of the alleged victims of Nigel Evans has claimed.
CRITICS of Britain's economic recovery plan have been proved "comprehensively wrong", George Osborne has said.
MARGO MacDonald, the veteran MSP who died last week, was given a heartfelt minute's applause at the SNP conference.
ABANDONING fuel duty rises would boost the UK economy by as much as £7.5 billion or £300 per household in the next 20 years, according to Treasury analysis.
MPs are "paragons of virtue" compared to politicians in other countries, a senior Conservative has insisted.