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Canadian Friends of Scotland Spring Fundraiser a great success!

On Wednesday, March 21 guests of the Clan Currie Society and the Canadian Friends of Scotland finally learned what exactly Tyrannosaurus Rex, Scottish Highlanders, Stalwart Canadians, and great single malt whisky all have in common? One hell of a great fundraising dinner!

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CFS sponsorship of "From Scotland with Love"

Hot Scots and bold-faced names from Glasgow, Edinburgh, New York City, Los Angeles, London and around the globe took over Manhattan for the start of Tartan Week in early April...

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The Canadian Friends of Scotland FoundationThe Canadian Friends of Scotland Foundation

The Canadian Friends of Scotland was established in Calgary Alberta Canada, and Culross, Scotland in 2006. Our goal is to support initiatives, in Canada and Scotland, that:

  1. Conserve and safeguard important buildings, sites, artifacts and documents, that link the history of both countries;
  2. Facilitate the exhibition of Scottish applied and performing arts in Canada;
  3. Foster a deeper understanding of both countries by encouraging academic research and exchange of ideas.

And to initiate, and support activities to:

  1. Record and identify for the birthplaces of Scots who have shaped the destiny of Canada;
  2. Support initiatives that deepen the public understanding of the historic role of Scots who have contributed significantly to the economic, social, cultural and political development of Canada;
  3. Assist for inalienable public access, in Canada and in Scotland, important buildings and sites, artefacts, documents, painting and works of art;
  4. Facilitate the public performance in Canada of exponents of Scottish culture: writers, musicians, poets, painters and academics, etc.;
  5. Enable for public exhibition in Canada, the loan of important cultural artefacts held in Scottish and overseas collections;
  6. Assist the activities of Scottish cultural organizations based in Canada.